Friday, 15 February 2013

Year End Closing


In Accpac Year End processing consist of 2 part which is Mandatory and Optional. For those optional one mostly is resetting batch no, clearing history, clearing posting journal. But For the mandatory One If you have not processed it , it will Stop your transaction for upcoming Year . So Here are 2 process which is mandatory in the Year End Closing :
1. General Ledger
Create New Year function is to close all your income statement account against Retained Earning and create opening balance for the upcoming Years. This process is done Automatically in the system. The Menu Can Be Found Under :
  • G/L Periodic Processing
  • Create New Year
2. Fixed Asset
Fixed asset Also Required a Year End Processing to create the new Fiscal Year. Without this you won't be able to record New Acquisition or other transactions. The menu can be found under:
  • A/M Periodic Processing
  • Year End Processing
After This two is run then you can continue to use your Sage Accpac. 

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