Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Manufacturer's Item Number

I think almost everyone has an alias name in the time of great High School Era.Remember that?You want to share with us your alias name?We are feel free to get those :)
Ok now back to Accpac. In Accpac, it also provide alias name for Item Number, You can put unlimited alias to 1 item number. And the system is quite smart also , when you put 2 different item number under the same alias number system will automatically pop up a finder for us to select which item does we referring to.

Maybe some will ask in what condition this will be used?
1. If customer need barcode number
2. Where Supplier/Customer require us to put their item number in the PO or DO form
3. Where Accounting and Logistic Have different number for a specific item

This menu can be found in I/C Items and Price Lists\Manufacturer's Item Number.


DBDUMP and DBLOAD is a tools for accpac for us to run re indexing on database. For some customer they use this function to do backup and restore. This is not wrong but for some larger database dbdump and dbload take more time compare to normal backup. All user must logout from Accpac before running this 2 utility.

How To do DBDUMP and DBLOAD:
1. Open Start\Program\Accpac\Tools\DBDUMP
2. Put in Admin Password
3. Select the database that you want to DUMP
4. Click the "Set Directory" to set where your going to put the DUMP data
5. Click Dump and wait until it finish

1. Open Start\Program\Accpac\Tools\DBLOAD
2. Put in Admin Password
3. Click the "Set Directory" to set from where are you going to Get your DUMP data
4. Select the Dataset that you want to load and click Next
5. Choose to which Database do you want to Load
6. Click Finish

DBLOAD will take longer time than DBDUMP.