Tuesday, 26 June 2012

License Registration in Accpac

License Registration either Lanpak or module is now easier. Starting with version 56 and above. The installation come into 1 DVD with all the core module included. So when we run the installation we just need to check which module we need and the system will directly installed it. Compare to older version where each module we install it will ask for license. But now the license only entered after the installation finished or from the License menu under Sage 300 ERP help files.

So today we are going to discuss about licensing from inside Sage 300 ERP (Formerly Sage ERP Accpac) :
1. Click On The help menu in the main screen and then select Licenses
 2. Select License Manager
 3. You will see the below screen, this is where you put your company name and dealer name.
  • Client ID = unique ID given to each Sage 300 Customer, you can find this under your license
  • Company = Registered Company name(case sensitive)
  • License to= Company Name or Person in Charge
  • Dealer = PT. Microtek Informa Solusindo
  • CC =PT. Microtek Informa Solusindo

 4. Second Tabs is for all module licenses. Just double click on the column to fill in the license. When succesfull it will written as Activated
 5. 3rd Tab is used to register Lanpak. To add line just press the "INSERT" button on keyboard and then select the License Type and Count then enter the Serial Number And Activation code.

Unlike The older version, Lanpak now does not need installation. Just Enter the activation on the License Manager and Done. That's all hope this help you all our beloved customer.