Friday, 10 July 2009

How To Create Sage Accpac SQL Data

There are several types of database that Sage Accpac support like Pervasive SQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle database. This time I'm going to give instruction on how to create SQL database and then link it to Sage Accpac.
First On the SQL :
Create 2 database : 1 for system and the other one is for data. Normally myself will put the name like XXXSYS, and then for data is XXXDAT
Second : Create ODBC
1. Open Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Data Sources(ODBC)
2. Select System DSN Tab and then click Add
3. Choose SQL Server Then Click Finish
4. Put Name for the ODBC like Accpac , select the SQL Server name from drop down list
5. Click Next put in the SQL user id or if you use windows user id then click next
6. Just let everything on default until Finish.
Third : Sage Accpac Database Setup
1. Open Start\All Program\Sage Accpac\Database Setup
2. Put in Admin Password
3. Click New
4. Put in database ID first will be the XXXSYS , Database Format : Microsoft SQL, Database Category : System
5. Click Ok
6. Choose Data Source that we just created in this case Accpac
7. Put in SQL User id and password
8. Put in Database Name XXXSYS then click ok
9. Next Click New again and this time is for XXXDAT, Database Format Microsoft SQL, Database Category Company and system database id is XXXSYS.
10. Follow the same step from 6-8 then click ok.

There now you have 1 new database and you are ready to go. Now open Sage Accpac and start the database creation module by module. Good Luck.