Monday, 22 September 2008

Qty on PO ,OE, Available

On Sage Accpac version older than 5.5. It is almost impossible for us to track for which document is the quantity information belong to. Now in order to fulfill customer's request Accpac has now add drill down capability to check which document that is link to this qty on PO, on SO, and available. This Option Available from Order Entry Screen, IC location detail.
See attached image for sample what the system can do

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

How To do Backup


This is the most important part when you are using a system. You need to have a set of backup data, so if something happen on your server you could easily restore your last data without having you to key in from the beginning. We would like to recommend for all customer to do backup on daily basis. There are several way to do backup , maybe you can consult with your IT which one your going to use :
1. For Pervasive SQL User
- Use Accpac DBDUMP to run backup
- Backup your data Folder by using zip or copy it to other drive
2. For Microsoft SQL User
- Use Accpac DBDUMP to run backup
- Schedule an automatic backup for your data by using SQL Agent

So after reading this and you have not do backup for days or month better run it now... Before your coffee time is wasted to re input your data

NB: A little note on doing backup using dbdump and restore using dbload. Normally this will take a longer time to do restore compare to the conventional way of backup and restore. Cause in dbload Sage Accpac is reindexing the database.