Monday, 16 February 2009

Partially Transfer Items Using The Inventory Control Transfer Function

How to partially transfer items using the Inventory Control (I/C) Transfer function. Partial transfer occurs when the requested quantity is more than the quantity available in inventory.

The following are the steps to do partial transfer of items:

1. From the I/C Transaction folder, click Transfers.
2. Click the New icon to create a new document.
3. For Document Type select Transfer.
4. In the detail grid, enter values in the Item Number, From Location, To Location, Requested Qty and Transfer Quantity fields.
To simulate partial transfer, enter a transfer quantity that is less than the requested qty.
For example:
o Enter 10 for Requested Quantity.
o Enter 7 for Transfer Quantity.
o This results to an outstanding quantity of 3.
5.Click Post to post and generate the document number.
6.Select "No" to the question "Do you want to delete this transfer after posting?"

At this point the user can no longer open the document and transfer the outstanding quantities. Instead, to complete the transfer, user can create a new document and use the incomplete transfer as reference transfer number.

Perform the following steps to complete the transfer:

1. Click on the New icon to create a new document.
2. For Document Type select Transfer.
3. For Transfer Number enter the transfer number of the incomplete document. Based on the example, the 'Outstanding Qty' should have 3 and 'Transfer Quantity' should also have 3.
4. Click Post to complete the transfer of the outstanding quantities.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sql 2008 is now fully Supported

With the release of Sage Accpac 55 Product Update 2 , SQL Server 2008(32bit) is now fully supported for Sage Accpac 55.

For customers that would like to use Sql server 2008 please contact our office at 7660349 to get the latest product update for Sage Accpac 55.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Does Accpac has manufacturing??

This question has been asked by many people , does Accpac support manufacturing?
The answer is YES, Misys manufacturing is a 3rd party company that specialized in manufacturing system since the dos version. In the Windows Version Misys introduce 3 different level of product :
Level 1 : Basic manufacturing(include multilevel BOM, Purchase Order)
Level 2 : Production Planning and scheduling(PPIC)
Level 3 : Machine capacity,BOM Routing

In misys, the system support 15levels of BOM and it completely help you on planning what to produce, when to produce, when to buy, how many to buy, from whom you need to buy.

So decide on your need or if you confused feel free to ask us, we will gladly to help you.