Thursday, 17 March 2011

What is called Portal in Sage ERP Accpac 6.0

Sage ERP Accpac 6.0 is officially released for Indonesia's customer. One of the most awaited feature is the PORTAL. Then for those who never watch the video posted before , take a look on the screen shot taken for explaining what is PORTAL. And what can you get from this 60 Feature.

Image 1.1 Main PORTAL screen

Image 1.2 Detail reporting available from clicking on the chart

Image 1.3 Report Generated as a result of clicking the chart

Image 1.4 Query function

Query can either be preview on the screen or exported to an excel,csv,pdf.

Feel free to contact us at 62-21-7660349 for more detail information or even have an upgrade to the Latest version of Sage ERP Accpac.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Make Accpac load faster in a Citrix\TS environment

For customer that are using citrix or terminal server connection, there are several things that you can do to make Accpac load faster for the first time :
  • Removing the splash screen. There are 2 splash screen one belong to Accpac and the other one belong to Pervasive if you are using Pervasive database. Here how you can remove the splash screen :
  1. Click Start in Windows, then Run. Type "regedit" and click OK to open up the Registry Editor.
  3. If Splash Screen exists already on the right hand pane of the window, change its value from "Yes" to "No". If it does not, right click the right hand pane of the window. Select New, then String Value. Name it "SplashScreen" and set its value to "No".
  • Removing JPEG File : Under Accpac folder search for folder called ASXXA\ENG there are 2 jpeg file, you rename/delete this two jpeg.
There you go how you can make it faster now.