Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Speed...Speed and More Speed

With the release of 55 , Sage Accpac has done a series of test for speed improvement.Test was done in testing and production area to make sure the program run faster compare to previous versions. Both the controlled environment testing and the production environment installations of Version 5.5 proved to be very successful.Performance testing was conducted on key areas of Sage Accpac ERP including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Project Job Costing.

Key functionality in each of these areas was tested using Version 5.4 with the latest service pack and Version 5.5. Tests were conducted in a controlled environment using identical hardware and software configurations for both versions’ tests. In many cases, multiple scenarios were set up to replicate different real world situations – different combinations of numbers of records, numbers of Details, and numbers of Optional Fields.

So here are the Result of the testing:
Overall, the series of tests determined that in all of the key functionality areas, Version 5.5 performed better than Version 5.4. Some of the findings* include faster performance in these operations:
-posting AP invoices (faster by 27%);
-importing AP payments (60%);
-posting AR invoices (41%);
-importing AR receipts (68%);
-importing GL journal entries (28%);
-PJC AP payments (77%);
-OE Day End Processing after invoices (42%).

Here are some samples of performance improvements that were experienced in the test environment:
- Post 50 AR invoices with 500 Details 90 seconds faster than on Version 5.4
- Post 50 AP payments with 500 Details 6 minutes faster
- Post 50 AR receipts with 500 Details nearly 8 minutes faster
- Import 20 GL entries with 1,000 Details (and Optional Fields) 3 minutes faster
- Enter 20 shipments with 25 Details 58 seconds faster
- Post 200 line revenue recognition in Project & Job Costing almost 9 minutes faster

So need more speed? Upgrade you Sage Accpac to the latest version