Monday, 10 November 2008

Cashbook 55 SP 1

On 30 October 2008 , Cashbook 55 has release the newest service pack. Service Pack 1 which has the following update :
  • Fixed - Batch Entry - Web Client Only - Tax On - An invalid field ID error code was generated when using a source code with a default tax code.
  • Fixed - Batch Entry - The pending amount in the allocation screen was incorrect for customers and vendors having the same customer/vendor code.
  • Fixed - Batch Entry - After entering a Distribution Code and tabbing onto the grid, the grid was not accepting focus correctly.
  • Fixed - Bank Reconciliation - Reversals - Accounts Receivable Only - An AR entry's status in Bank Services was not correctly being changed when reversed in CB.
  • Fixed - Bank Reconciliation - Reversals - Accounts Payable Only - Same vendor/reference/amount - resulted in incorrect line being reversed.
  • Fixed - Bank Reconciliation - Single Reference/Deposit Entries - Only locates in Bank Services if 'Yes' is selected for that row to allow faster processing in large single EFT entries.
  • Fixed - Post - Refund batches were doubling up if allocated to more than one credit note.
  • Fixed - Post - To correctly update Partially Posted transactions that were first Voided when printed.
  • Fixed - Post - Bank Transfers - A transfer batch with a blank reference resulted in an error batch being created that could not be edited.
  • Fixed - When posting a Cashbook batch in Accounts Payable with an allocation against a Job Related invoice the message "The payment amount for document xxx is not fully distributed" was returned.
  • Fixed - Print Cashbook - When printing Bank Reconciliation or Bank Charges by period, an invalid field error was being returned.
  • Fixed - Batch Import - A field ID error was generated when the batch number being created exceeded 32767.
  • Fixed - Miscellaneous Codes - Wasn't importing EFT details.
  • Fixed - Cheque/Receipt/Deposit Forms - Bank totals weren't being updated correctly.
  • Enhancement - Online Printing - Form now saves last settings for Receipts/Deposits.
  • Fixed - G/L Transfer - Auto Post in G/L was causing an error if G/L Options were set to require printing before posting.
  • Fixed - Batch Listing Report - Stops allocations going to second page if more than 32 lines.

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